Communication, a key factor of success

Communication is an essential factor to excel in many things. In relationships, an excellent communicator will gain the respect and endure of people surrounding him. In a workplace, a superb communicator either speaker or writer, impact positively. This short blog will discuss three pillars of successful communication which are listening, speaking, and writing.
The listening is one of the underrated skills in communication. But a good listener can gain from this natural skill. It requires less effort but also needs to keep the following in mind to convey to whom you listen that you’re engaged. First, maintain eye contact with the speaker. Keep it natural and don’t try to force it. Therefore, practicing such a skill is imperative. The easiest way to practice it is making eye contact with yourself in the mirror. If it feels too long, then it will make the speaker uncomfortable. Second, don’t interrupt or give solutions while the speaker is still in her train of thoughts. It’s okay to find the right time to asks questions, and this leads us to; Forth, asking questions to clarify some points in the speaker topic will give a significant hint that you were listening will. Fifth, make sure that you keep intention to the nonverbal cues. Sixth, keep sire that you summarize the conversation. This critical especially in the workplace and even friendly environment. Summarizing will show that you understand what the whole speak or talk. Not only that, it helps the listener to understand what future obligations needed to be fulfilled from the conversation. Lastly, make sure you have a relaxed posture to convey the message that you’re okay with what the speaker is trying to deliver.
This the most common medium to communicate with people around you. Speaking can make someone fall in love, declare a war, or exchange a scientific breakthrough. In Arabic cultures, the speaking in informative, and conveying different meanings speaker trying to deliver is one of the highly valuable skill. Besides that, to speak very well the speaker need to have crystal clear goal that needs to be delivered to the listener. Thus, having a smooth flow between the different points while speaking will help the listener to enjoy listening. To become a great speaker, you need to back up that with a vast amount of knowledge. It will be hard for anyone to speak about something that is out of someone expertise. It is terrible to be too loud or soft while speaking. Either side of speaking volume may convey that the speaker is not confident about what is he talking about. The best thing is trying to speak from the stomach, not from the lungs. I forget where I heard that stomach and lung thing. But that works with me much since I have a naturally soft voice.
Writing is the best way of communicating to reach a vast audience. The skills of writing been mentioned throughout your education. Here I will highlight the benefits of writing and I leave you with looking at how to improve this skills since it requires more than a short blog. Anyone needs to improve the quality of his life and make publicity for himself than do it by writing. Actually, I have this post to exercise the habit of writing and at least once a week tries to do that. I believe by doing that, I reach a bigger audience on whom interested in these type of posts; and improve my writing skills. For that, one of the best way to develop the craft of writing is to keep doing it. With time the improvements will be noticeable. I remember a professor that told us the communication is essential in any one career. For academia, he stresses that writing and publishing will expose you to many people and therefore get promotions and noticed by your peer.
To sum up, communication in every aspect of it is a significant skill to whom thriving success. Therefore, trying to improve these skills will benefit anyone at any level in their career or life.

Critical decisions

In everyone life there are decisions to be made. These decisions can be simple as what type of dinner or complex such as choosing a career. At the end, decision making must be taken carefully with possibility to understand the outcomes results of the decision. The following my thoughts in decision process.
One of the way to made a good decision by consulting close people. It is better to listen to people how had either a similar experience. Thus, will give you a different prespective from your own.
I believe the bigger the decision is the consquences and the results of the decision are propoptional to that decision.


I've experienced many things that require showing a confidant to achieve your goal. My friends highlight my overwork or call it a hard worker. But with no confident all your effort could be drained.

Thoughts on PBS FRONTLINE: Bitter Rivals two episodes

A well-prepared documentary is covering the dispute between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This conflict, is not a short or straightforward issue between two countries, had started in the 1970s and today we witness The tensions result in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and other middle eastern countries. This documentary of two parts, it is open and free to view.
Bitter Rivals: Iran and Saudi Arabia (Part One)
Bitter Rivals: Iran and Saudi Arabia (Part Two)
I've been watching this documentary to have an understanding of western media for one of the most complicated issues in the current history. The problem is not simple to cover it in 4 hours documentary. But I believe the FRONTLINE team had covered the topic in good depth for someone how had no idea about what happening there. Preparing the documentary for the last two years and conducting a high-level official from the two sides shows a great amount of effort to highlight this issue.

Mid-way through my Ph.D.

I would look back to this post and say to myself you did it. The Ph.D. journey is mentally challenging and financially consuming. The outcome is uncertain in every step and after it. But the thing keeps you moving forward is your crystal clear goal to get the degree for whatever it is. What I'm trying to do here is to share my thoughts. It is like a journal to state my concern and thoughts. To pour my feeling and share it to few anonymous people how to read this post.
Over the last two years, when starting my Ph.D. I was energetic and enthusiastic about the research and continuous study journey. I had a group of supporting friends how left me up when I'm down which I did in return, for sure. I've read and heard a several a former and recent Ph.D. advice about the importance of having friends and family how to support you during this hard time. Even though, the high average IQ of Ph.D. students the importance of emotional support is not something should any Ph.D. student should forget. And thank God I had many good friends how supported me.
I've submitted my Research Interest Statement, and I'm waiting for the questions and the oral exam part. Even though, I'm confident in my abilities to pass this exam. But the unstructured and the difference of this exam, at least in my school, kick on me and makes me feel uncomfortable about this waiting period. I always tell myself that I did a significant amount of work.
Choosing your advisor carefully is the first step for successful and less painful Ph.D. journey. It's true you need an advisor with substantial academic and research work. But, having a supportive and patient advisor is the most valuable treat you should look for. Consider an advisor with strong graduated students and asks these people in their opinion to form a good judgment about it. As a reminder for myself, there is no perfect human. You have to accept their pitfalls and highlight their good treats. Always think positively about the other, and you will get this in return.

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